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Looking for a Birmingham AL crane inspection? If a thorough, quality inspection means something to you, look no further. We have the experience and knowledge to get it done right the first time.

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When you call on a service to check out your company’s valuable equipment and property; you do not want to take chances. By using our Birmingham AL crane inspection service, you’ll get techs who combine heavy technical knowledge with seasoned know-how and experience. We feature an entire fleet management team who are fully certified, licensed, insured and trained. We can help you quickly and we’re ready to be dispatched.

Birmingham AL Crane Inspection Company

With all of our Birmingham AL crane inspections, you can expect:

We take a painstaking look at mechanical and structural compliance features. Extremely detailed reports are provided upon completion of the job, including on CD and email formats. On top of well-trained technicians, we undergo inspection of all phases with leading-edge software that you cannot find in just every inspection company.

Finding something wrong with this major piece of equipment is not likely something you want to hear after our inspection, but, of course, if there is you want to take care of it before increasing the potential for a fatal accident. Your liability and exposure upon any accident is a killer for your business, and that is what we prevent in your Birmingham AL crane inspection.

As we are not a repair company, we have no particular interest in wanting to find problems in your crane. If something is deficient, we will find it, but we gain nothing from the results of our inspections.

We are a staff of continued learning in standards set by watchdog organizations such as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to make sure we are fully up to speed and even ahead of the curve in all inspections.

We also provide expert witness testimony for crane-accident lawsuits, including depositions, reconstruction of the accident, pictures, review of OSHA and municipal reports and assistance with interviews for integral individuals regarding the accident.

We provide Birmingham AL crane inspection services.

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