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In your New Orleans LA crane inspection, it may not be pleasant to think about, but the consequences of procrastinating range from a disappointing lag of production due to equipment failure to major property damage and, worse still, loss of life.

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One advanced method we employ is called Magnaflux inspection. Not only is this an advanced method of testing, it is also proven and extremely reliable. Magnaflux, a brand name of a machine that has gained so much popularity it is the namesake for an industry-wide test, measures any and all deficiencies in the prime component of a crane, the hook. It measures any possible latent, subsurface problems as well as any on the surface. It is a super-effective way to test for what we cannot see with the naked eye.

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What science has given us in Magnaflux is cutting-edge reliability for your New Orleans LA crane inspection. But what happens if you fail to enact frequent or periodic reviews of your crane? These are just a few of the things you can expect with your New Orleans LA crane inspection:

  • Post-accident analysis: This the worst-case scenario and we truly recommend avoiding any crane accident with your business projects. Should the unthinkable happen, though, we will provide unbiased analysis to your company. We also provide expert testimony for all lawsuits or other liable issues, which includes materials for reports, depositions, interviews and a reconstruction of the accident.
  • Frequent vs. periodic inspections: You do not want to experience the post-incidental phase! A frequent review means just that: have your operators check out your heavy equipment every few days to a week. It costs nothing and helps you out tremendously. Call us for an appointment at least once a year for a periodic review. If your heavy lifting crane experiences a consistently weighty workload, consider a quarterly New Orleans LA crane inspection.
  •  Impartiality: For your peace of mind, you can rest easy when we let you know about our findings. That’s because we are not mechanics who make repairs on your crane, so we have absolutely no incentive to find anything wrong. Our incentive is sticking to the facts and getting our reports exactly right. Dependable, honest, courteous, professional and ready anytime to serve, you will work with a group who proudly maintains ultimate integrity.

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