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Financial Aid For Crane Certification Classes

Crane U, Inc. just recently partnered with Meritize to offer our students a unique financing option for our crane certification classes. Below are the links to a short application to check your loan options without it affecting your credit score.

financial aid for crane certification and training
“Meritize looks beyond FICO scores and uses an individual’s previous achievements to improve funding opportunities. Even students who may lack a co-borrower can improve their loan options by sharing academic transcripts, military experience, and work history.”

Please choose the link below that corresponds with the number of crane types you are needing the certification for:

Mobile Crane Operator: One TypeMeritize Apply
Mobile Crane Operator: Two TypesMeritize Apply
Mobile Crane Operator: Three TypesMeritize Apply
Tower Crane OperatorMeritize Apply
Rigger Level 1Meritize Apply
Rigger + Signal PersonMeritize Apply

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