Aerial Lift Training

Training to make your workplace safer.

Aerial lifts are now commonly used to replace ladders and scaffolding on many job sites. Obviously, the more training you and your employees have on this common piece of equipment, the safer your workplace will be. In our Aerial Lift training course, we’ll focus on:

  • Review of equipment anatomy and components
  • Requirements for stability and rules for safe operation
  • Understanding and avoiding the six most common hazards
  • Difference between inspections: visual and functional
  • Requirements for frequency of inspections

Just like all our training courses, our Aerial Lift training will be presented by knowledgeable, skilled professionals in an interesting, hands-on way. No boring textbook stuff here. Just valuable, practical information that can have an immediate positive impact on your workplace.

Aerial Lift Course Outline

Equipment anatomy and inspections
Stability of aerial lifts
Safe Operations
Six most common hazards
Types of Lifts
Training Requirements
Pre-shift Inspections
Monthly and Yearly Inspections
Load Tests

Lift Components
Visual inspection
Engine, Refueling & Chassis
Turret section and boom
Scissor and mast sections
Lift controls and platform

Balance and leverage
Lift’s leverage
Load’s leverage
Ground pressure

Safe Operations
Planning a lift
Safety meetings
Training and familiarization
Demonstration of ability
Visual and functional inspection
Visual inspection
Functional inspection
Check emergency controls
Conclusion of inspection

Aerial Lift Hazards
Power line contact
Falls from tip over
Falls from platform
Struck or crushed by lift
Maintenance-related accidents
Other hazards


Does OSHA require people who use aerial lifts to be certified?

No. OSHA requires employees who use aerial lifts to be trained and qualified to use the equipment, and has a detailed list of what that training should include. Our Aerial Lift training course will provide the training you need to safely use the equipment, and also prepare you for qualification testing at the end of our course. Upon successful completion, we issue a wallet card which is valid for two years.

Can anyone take aerial lift training?

Absolutely. In fact, anyone who works on jobsites where aerial lifts are used should seriously consider completing our course.

Where does the training take place?

We can train at your worksite, or at one of our locations throughout the U.S. To make it even easier, some of the training can be done online, too.

Do you offer a Train the Trainer option for aerial lift training as well?

Yes, we do. We can train one of your regular employees so they can provide aerial lift training — with our support — to other employees in the future.

Why should I choose Crane U?

Hate to brag, but we’ve got it. Crane U instructors are some of the most respected field experts in the industry. Many of our instructors are guest speakers at numerous national, state, and local environmental, health and safety conferences. The industry wants to hear what we have to say.

Proven track record.
Approximately 90% of the employees who complete our training pass their exams.

Convenience and affordability.
We can train at your worksite, or at one of our locations throughout the U.S. To make it even easier, some of the training can be done online, too. Our rates are some of the best in the industry, and we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate.

What is the registration process?

Crane U provides comprehensive Aerial Lift Training! We can come to your location or come to ours. Have a question or want to schedule training? Use the contact form to your right or just give us a call at 855-9CRANEU (855-927-2638).

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