Lexington KY Crane Certification TrainingLooking for the best Lexington KY Crane Certification training? Certification becomes mandatory in 2017 as mandated by OSHA, so make sure you and your employees are prepared.

We provide certification through OSHA recognized Crane Institute Certification (CIC). Crane Operator certification through CIC is all you need to fulfill the new requirements.

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Lexington KY Crane Certification Training Course

We do more than just provide recognized certification. We provide training by some of the most respected experts throughout the country. Our trainers provide educational talks at events throughout the United States, including OSHA conferences.

Teaching is about more than just knowing about crane operation and safety protocols. Our trainers are also well versed in how to communicate this information in ways students can easily grasp. Training generally takes only two or three days, exam included, depending on the types of cranes needing to be covered. In that time, you’ll be brought up to speed on a variety of topics, including crane operation, safety standards, rigging techniques, hand and radio signals, and load charts.

Your time in valuable. Let us get you trained, tested and certified quickly with as little disruption to your business as possible.

Crane Certification Training Cost in Lexington

We provide affordable Lexington KY Crane Certification Training both in the classroom and in the field under the leadership of senior operators. Then, we’ll administer the examination for certification, and we’ll notify you of results when they are returned to us. Certification is valid for five years.

When you decide to enroll in the best Lexington KY Certified Crane Operator training, choose the company with a solid reputation. Crane U has a track record of success and nationally respected instructors.

We provide the the most convenient and affordable Lexington KY Crane Certification Training for crane operators.

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