Rigging training is the law of the land throughout the entire United States. It is now required by law that riggers are properly certified for this position. Lucky for you, however, when you seek our guidance for this OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirement you do not get a bunch of dull professorial types telling you what to do; you get seasoned, down-to-earth professionals who make acquiring qualification easy on you.

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We know what it is like to be out in the field, and we make it safer.

Half of the battle of successfully, accurately and safely lifting and transporting massively heavy and crucial materials involves the people on the ground, which is why it is now required for the necessary team members to have the newly required rigging training. Whether it is transporting raw material, a large work piece or installing equipment, a rigger is the guidance and confirming agent in communication that is crucial to the safety of all involved. Rigging is an essential component to just about all crane usage, and clear focus along with the proper certification is absolutely essential.

Here are a few reasons why your colleagues have sought our professional yet down-to-earth rigging training:

  • Ties with the Crane Institute of America Certification … Our staff includes several years of experience within this important organization whose sole focus is the safe operation of cranes in America. It is only a recent development that operators and riggers have been required to complete certification, so if you need it, you are better off going with the guys who have been involved in this process for rigging training from the very beginning.
  • If this is your line of work … then it makes total sense to complete your resume with the proper certification anyway. Whether or not it is required (it is) why not acquire greater earning power and enjoy and increased standard of living with our thorough expertise?
  • Affordable and Relatable … Rigging training that we provide you is not what you remember from your past school days; our point of view is one from the field as well as from the classroom. This is not knowledge that you will someday need in life; we provide pointers that you should always keep in mind right now and every day!


We cover rigging elements such as common equipment: hoists, slings, chains and cables, as well as their involvement in safety practices. Further topics we cover include the proper inspection of rigging equipment and focusing on load calculations. We cover all aspects in a way that you can understand and appreciate.

We know what we are doing in rigging training because we do it all for crane safety… This field does not stop with the rigger’s job, and nor do we. Crane’s include some of the construction industry’s most valuable yet most risky work. We are talking about tonnage of material, which is valuable property, as well as the lives of the workers and, if you are in a very populated urban area, the lives of innocent bystanders or pedestrians. This required training can only be a good idea in preventing on of the very worst kinds of disasters the construction industry has to offer. Our help will make you be the best and most skilled worker that you can be.

Rigging training – call toll free 855-9CRANEU (855-927-2638) or 205-478-2050
for a free estimate on rigging training
Proper training and certification is a good thing, and it looks great on your resume!

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