Safety Decals

Crane safety decals are important and effective in keeping you, your crew and anyone at a jobsite protected. Of course, stickers and signage are certainly no substitute for the thorough training and certification that we provide.


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That being said, a decal can help remind a crew member what’s at stake in when operating a crane of any type or size.

Crane Safety Decals

You have heard the expression: a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to efforts for your crew’s crane safety, the picture shown on one of our safety decals may be worth much more – it may save a life, or more. From the crane operator to the rigger on the ground and the entire crew at the site, these stickers serve as a reminder to what may happen in a moment of carelessness. Simply put, these helpful little reminders work.

We carry the most effective crane safety decals to help protect the lives and property of your operators, riggers and signal persons. They include the following:

  • Crane Hand Signal Chart: When it comes to the relationship between crane operators and riggers, nothing is more important than accurate communication and signaling. These charts help make the process close to foolproof. Additionally, we have the advantage of featuring charts that have both English and Spanish – an important consideration.
  • Electrocution Warning: This is one of the most eye opening examples in safety decals. When you consider the arm of a crane running into power lines, it may seem like a no-brainer. Sometimes, however, fatigue sets in, or the danger is such an obvious one to avoid that operators may forget to keep a watchful eye out. This is precisely the importance of the signage that we provide you.
  • Counterweight Warning: Out of sight, out of mind. In too many cases, ground crews and crane operators may be focused on the safety of one job might not think about the danger of another. These safety decals let workers know that they are in a swing area, and it is time to pay attention to the heavy equipment that is or will be in use.
  • Outrigger Crushing Warning: We all know that there are certain risks in performing our work when we got into the construction industry, but it’s important to remember safety protocol and awareness when simply completing tasks. When focus for getting the job done outweighs safety of the individual and the rest of the crew, our safety decals for pinching and crushing possible near the outrigger serve as helpful reminders.

Crane Safety

When it comes to crane safety, knowledge is king. That’s why we feature the full line of training and certification courses for Crane Operators, Riggers and Signal Persons. Additionally, we specialize in crane safety inspections to ensure that all of your lifting equipment is operating at optimal safety.

Whereas supervisors and their crews are set to get the job done, we know that getting our job done means you getting yours done safely, and we have a keen sense of what that entails. We have worked in the industry for decades and continue to do so. We carry only the very best decals and know precisely where they should be placed to maximize your protection.

We feature helpful safety decals for crane operators, riggers & signalpersons across the United States.