Crane accident experts are ready to serve you in a time that may be stressful and confusing. But a major concern for you, after you have accepted that you need assistance, is who to go with. When you need dependable and reliable help in a period of crisis, you can expect a level of education and experience with us unmatched by any other in the southeast, at an affordable price.

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No matter what position you find yourself in, if you are involved in this sort of incident and you are seeking our help as the crane accident experts, you have searched in the right place. To get right to the point, we have seen a whole lot of devastation – wherein some have gotten lucky and escaped with only minor damage and no loss of life, to the extreme other end of that spectrum – so we know when there is a “type” of accident and how it was caused, and then when something very unusual has happened. One way or another we get down to the very bottom of what happened.

What we bring to the table and provide as crane accident experts:

  • Experience: Particularly when it comes to something like this, there really is no substitute for the knowledge and know-how of experience. We have experienced not only the accidents that occur from frequent causes, but we have also experienced challenging scenarios that were exceptionally rare. Additionally, we understand and have been very experienced throughout the legal process.
  • Legal: In dealing with the responsibility of an accident, or a sudden and dramatic loss in your life, legal demands can be a point of constructive focus, and they can be extraordinarily stressful. We help man the helm during this emotional storm with our many years of experience and extensive certification.
    • We are fully in lock-step with and administer proper protocol pertaining to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Crane Institute Certification (CIC) and the Crane Inspection & Service Bureau (CISB). In fact, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile a crane accident experts where and whenever we can.
    • We get down to business right away when you make the informed decision to go with our seasoned technicians. We provide advanced testimony as your crane accident experts for lawsuits and give you a long list of services, including review of reports, pictures, reconstruction of the accident, depositions and interviews with key witnesses.
  • Magnaflux: This is an excellent and scientifically tested and proven method of deducing key evidence using an elegantly simple process. As your crane accident experts we have the technical skill and latest and most consistent training to tell the true story of what happened with a crane’s physics and engineering. This system is a non-destructive way to see what happened on and within the surface of large metal objects.


When you call on professionals to help as an expert legal witness, you will want to deal with top-of-the-line technicians who know their stuff through and through and with folks you can trust. We are happy to discuss the details of your case immediately and hope we can be of useful assistance. We have seen just about all there is to see in this line of work and we want to bring peace of mind to you.