crane hook is sort of like the crowning feature and the punctuation on the design and function of any lifting device. Symbolically, it is the hand of technology that grasps what human and beast power cannot quite accomplish with raw anatomical muscle. It carries a heavy load and undergoes literally tons of stress.

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Any part of a crane does work that is just vastly impossible without such a tool. Our perpetual struggle against gravity is finally a success when we lift hundreds of tons into the air and place heavy materials precisely where they need to be. A crane hook withstands a major point of stress in the anti-gravitational bulwark of a crane. With all of the intricate workings of your equipment, a thick and stout hook should be reliable so you do not have to worry about its structural integrity on a regular basis.

Here is a novel and scientifically-rigorous new way to ensure the strength and reliability of your crane hook:

  • It is called Magnaflux … and it is leading the way in new and improved standard testing in our industry. We know that accidents are probably the number one concern if you feature regular crane use in your business, so you know the importance of secure equipment. In just the last 10 years, there have been nearly 1,100 reported accidents worldwide and more than 750 due to accidents. Of course, you do not want any part of this bad mojo, and testing your crane hook is an optimal start.

The process involves only ferrous metal such as iron, nickel, cobalt and some of their alloys. The more active aspect to Magnaflux testing your crane hook is creating a mini magnetic field, and then we see how materials react to our technology, which will be either dye with iron oxide particles or dusted iron powder. Our thoroughly trained and experienced technicians adeptly read how the dye or powder reacts in this non-destructive testing process. The result is figuring out how your very dense hook is doing not just on an outside surface point of view, but more uniquely the process reveals the state of structure inside the heave metal equipment.

It is a revolutionary new way to test the safety and structural uprightness of your crane hook. We want you to know that if your hook is bent more than 15-percent of its original size, it is time to have it replaced. However, that is not to say that it is safe to remain with a hook that is not bent that much. It does not take an expert to know that there are many latent, hard or impossible to spot aspects in a hook or any part of a crane that that has flaws. The last thing you want on your plate is an accident leading to property damage and possibly loss of human life. When you have your equipment tested, you know that you have done all that you can do to prevent any catastrophe during your important projects. When it is time to think about which company you want to go with for your testing and inspections, you might as well go with the professionals who are thoroughly trained and experienced in all aspects of crane work.

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