lifting crane is, when you think about it, a hallmark of humanity. It is one of those achievements throughout our history making us uniquely human, and the principles behind the technology date back to ancient Greece. Fast-forward to today, in the southeastern portion of the greatest country on the globe, and you will find the most extensive and painstakingly inspected heavy-duty machines that get the job done for you.

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Our machines make possible the impossible

Every once in a while, it may help to understand the mechanics of a lifting crane from a point of view that is a bit outside of the box. To be sure, the point of any crane is completely utilitarian and functional, but there is also a beauty to the machinery. From a distance, the sheer improbability of delicately woven lattice work’s ability to withstand hundreds of tons has a magical quality about it, if you don’t quite understand the engineering behind it. The length of a crane arm seems absurd compared to the short, stout appearance of a slewing platform and outrigger. And, the subtle yet vitally effective smaller components near the “elbow” of the crane arm – the jib features and the boom point – are like the fine bones and muscles in a human hand.

The reason to appreciate this proximity to beauty in a lifting crane is to appreciate that each component must be in excellent working shape, or else risk disastrous catastrophe. That is why seeking our help for rentals is the clear choice when considering cranes.

Features that make us the absolute best in lifting crane rentals in the southeast:

  • Safety, safety, safety: We always follow and seek to exceed standards set by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) the Crane Institute Certification (CIC) and the Crane Inspection & Service Bureau (CISB).
  • Magnaflux: This is the term for a brand that has become so successful it has taken over the name for the entire genre of this technology. The hook, for example, is an extremely thick and dense part of a lifting crane. This technology is a process of checking out ferrous metals for flaws on the surface of and inside the hook. This is to first and foremost ensure that equipment is safe to use, or on the other side of the spectrum to analyze what may have caused an accident.
  • We know what it’s like … to inspect a crane with full objectivity and outright neutrality, and that is how we approach inspections with the equipment that we suggest. Since we do not make repairs on our client’s equipment, there is no incentive to find anything wrong on a rough terrain crane, a crawler or a hydraulic truck, unless there really is something wrong. To be sure, if there is something wrong, we will find it!

When you are in the market for a lifting crane, we ask you to carefully consider the qualifications of other crane renters. True, they are our competition, and we have heard horror stories regarding steep pricing and less than exemplary equipment. It is not that each and every time some equipment fails it results in a horrific accident, although it has happened enough in the past. The practical question is: do you really want to deal with shoddy cranes that are prone to break down and generally not work at an optimum level? When you choose to go with us you vote for safety, quality and affordability and the best equipment for your job.