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Crane Operator Certification Training Course

This course involves a careful examination of all aspects of crane operation. Emphases are on understanding the different types of cranes, standards for crane operator safety, proper rigging techniques, and load chart exercises. We cover the latest safety regulations and prepare students for the written and practical certified crane operator exams.

In this combination classroom and practical course, topics are presented by the instructor, load charts are explained, and then students are given the opportunity for hands-on instruction outside of the class. The emphases are on the use of equipment and safe operating procedures.

Course Objectives

  • To introduce students to the various types of cranes.
  • To introduce students to the functions of each mechanical part
  • To introduce students to proper rigging techniques.
  • To introduce students to hand and radio signals
  • To introduce students to safe crane operating procedures.
  • To provide students with opportunities to gain crane operating experience in the field, under supervision of a senior operator.
  • To orient students with capacity tables and load chart exercises

Course Topics

  • Definitions
  • Crane Types & Components
  • Crane Set up
  • Crane Safety
  • Operator Responsibilities
  • Rigging Principles
  • Hand and Radio Signals
  • Assembly and Disassembly
  • Crane Operation
  • Capacities and Load Charts
  • Technical Accuracy
  • Depth Perception


Why crane operator training and certification?

As you probably know,  many general contractors, industrial plants, job sites, etc. already require certification. So, if you have employees operating cranes, you need to get them certified. And this does apply to existing crane operators as well as new hires. No one is grandfathered in.

Why should I choose Crane U?

Hate to brag, but we’ve got it. Crane U instructors are some of the most respected field experts in the industry. They are regular guest speakers at national, state, and local environmental, health, and safety OSHA conferences. People want to hear what they have to share.

Proven track record.
Approximately 85% of the students who complete our training pass their certification exams.

Convenience and affordability.
We can train at your worksite, or at one of our locations throughout the U.S. To make it even easier, some of the training can be done online, too. Our rates are some of the best in the industry, and we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate.

What does crane operator training include?

Our Crane Operator Certification Training Course is two to three days long, depending on the size of the cranes included in the training.

For example, if the student or class only needs certification for small and medium cranes (up to 75 tons), training will last one day with the written and practical exams on the second day. However, if they need certification large and lattice cranes as well, there will be two days of training. The written and practical exams are the following day, so the entire process is either two or three days total.

Not the right time frame for you? We can customize a program to meet your specific needs.

We also have an introductory crane operator course, for individuals seeking to get into the industry. It is five days of extensive training- both hands-on and in the classroom, designed to prepare students to take the written and practical certification exams on the last day of class.

How many employees can be trained at once?

As many as you need. We can customize our training programs for any number of students.

Does Crane U administer the test?

Yes, we have certified written and practical examiners who administer the exams. The actual certification test — both written and practical — is designed and scored by a nationally accredited crane operator testing organization. Crane U provides the training and preparation for the certification testing, has written examiners, and also communicates the results.

How long does my certification last?

A certification card is valid for five years.

What is the registration process?

Crane U provides affordable Crane Operator Certification preparation! We can come to your location or come to ours. Have a question or want to schedule training? Use the contact form to your right or just give us a call at 855-9CRANEU (855-927-2638).

We specialize in Crane Operator Certification nationwide, including: Alabama: Birmingham – Mobile – Tuscaloosa – Huntsville | Georgia: Atlanta – Macon – Savannah – Valdosta | Tennessee: Nashville – Memphis – Knoxville – Chattanooga | Louisiana: New Orleans – Baton Rouge – Shreveport | Kentucky: Louisville – Lexington – Bowling Green | Indiana: Indianapolis – South Bend – Gary – Ft Wayne | Ohio: Cincinnati – Columbus – Cleveland

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