Our “train the trainer” certification programs equip our graduates to instruct others in how to properly operate cranes, follow safety regulations, and do good, safe work. Proper jobsite training of riggers and signal persons is an OSHA mandate. Call now to send an employee. Call now if you are an individual seeking to boost your skills.

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Our graduates know their stuff.

We “train the trainer”. We educate individuals on how to teach others who are on the job – on worksites. The success of our programs is based on providing more than just theory in the classroom. Our program puts the power of instructing others into the hands of people sent by their employers. We train and certify individuals who know that there is a demand for qualified people who can handle crane operator instruction.

A person may already know a lot about operating the machine. But do they know how to properly instruct others? How to teach – can be taught. Our programs deal not only with how to operate the machines, but also how to train others on safe, effective operation.

In our “Train the Trainer” programs, you will:

  • Work with educational staff that understands the value and importance of being able to successfully communicate ideas to others.
  • Learn more about adult education and how it pertains to labor-intensive environments.
  • Gain a better sense of patience and empathy as you learn to work with others towards a shared goal of better understanding important work place regulations and performance.
  • Increase your own ability to receive education and instruction so that you will be able to more efficiently train others on new developments in fields related to your work site.

Programs that train the trainer deal with work place safety, OSHA education, compliance assurance, as well as managerial education positions. If there is a need for the knowledge, we will provide it.

Our staff has worked with many individuals of different ages and levels of experience to help them ultimately become excellent instructors themselves. The best teachers are the best students, and vice versa. If you come to us motivated, you will leave us fully prepared to go on to instruct others, to ensure safe and productive jobsites in the future.

We train the trainer to:

  • Educate others in a number of different fields as they relate to crane usage and safety.
  • Create a broader understanding of proper curriculum and classroom organization.
  • Stay updated on changes to regulations in regards to safety and certification so that they will always be up to date.
  • Maintain standards of operational performance among those that they teach, so that they will be an invaluable part of any company.
  • Formulate ways to help others better understand complex mechanical operation and procedure.


When we train the trainer, we do it the right way. With classroom time, pre-tests, and focused study assignments, we make sure that you will leave feeling absolutely confident in your ability to train others. Your time is important, and we will not waste it on needless busy work; all of our education will be applicable from day one, and will allow you to build the foundation you need to take your career to the next level.

Call toll free 855-9CRANEU (855-927-2638) or
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We put the power in your hands.

Our train the trainer programs accept students from across the country.