Mobile crane accidents happen in a variety of ways and for many different reasons, several of which are not due to negligence of crane operation or inspection. Sometimes – sometimes – accidents happen in spite of a heightened sense of vigilance, regular inspections and full competence of workers. We are, after all, only human. Other times, however, there is negligence. Either way, we are available to get to the bottom of an accident so you can better understand the truth.

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Veteran technicians who get to the bottom of incidents

Whether we are discussing crawlers, hydraulic trucks or rough terrain vehicles, mobile crane accidents are a major headache that can open up a multitude of difficulty in your life. We have several years of experience as the professors of all things cranes. We do not have the hubris to say we have seen it all – that would make us foolishly blind to seeing new and unique situations. However, we are a professional group composed of seasoned veterans who know of various, prevalent forms of mobile crane accidents. From the heavy iron hook to the boom point and all the way down to the outrigger, we fully understand the head to toe dynamics of a crane and what may usually be the culprit of the problem.

Making the case for our expertise as expert witnesses in mobile crane accidents:

  • Neutral analysis: We are consistent in what we do, and we do not stray from our professional integrity as expert witnesses in legal matters. We know what it takes in painstakingly reviewing all the facts and details of a case to arrive at precisely what happened, and expertly procure and testify to our objective information.
  • Total package: We provide a whole host of materials for you to make your case in a court of law. Consulting with you, getting the facts and employing our usual refined search are some of the things that we do for you that is just the beginning. From there we rally our team of experts and charge along with reconstruction of the accident, testimony for lawsuits, review of reports, pictures, depositions and interviews with key witnesses.
  • Magnaflux: This is a futuristic term that need not intimidate or confuse you. What is so wonderful about the Magnaflux testing process is that it is an absolutely legitimate, scientifically rigorous, leading-edge standard redefining how we can understand just what happened before, during and after unfortunate mobile crane accidents. It is a refreshingly simple process that, with our exceedingly-qualified technicians overseeing testing and analysis, pieces together the narrative of what happened with a crane and its workers. Magnafluxing is non-impeding way to tell what occurred in and on large metallic objects.


To be sure, mobile crane accidents are enough misfortune in one period of your life, so you do not want to choose less than competent crane men and women. We are former organizers from the Crane Institute Certification (CIC) which legally certifies operators of cranes. We are the technicians that have lived, eaten and breathed crane physics and engineering for so long that we cannot imagine life without this type of work and interests. The integrity of any and all crane structures is a passion of ours and we can quickly and easily detect most of the after-the-fact causes that may have likely perpetrated an accident. But no matter how unusual the case may be, we will get to the bottom of it.