Tower crane accidents generally have one of two general characteristics. One is a major tragedy that is blasted on headlines in cities and sometimes nationwide every couple of years. The other may not be as tragic, but the financial costs can skyrocket. For moral, ethical and financial reasons, finding the right expert witness for your ordeal is of vital importance.

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Unfortunately, tower crane accidents are not the rare occurrence you may see splashed on headlines once every year or two. In fact, for towers alone, there have been well over 1,000 accidents reported worldwide since the year 2000, with more than 750 deaths also reported. Because cranes play such an important and frequent role in our society, there is plenty of opportunity for something to go wrong. The physics behind the amazing functioning of a crane demands full structural integrity.

The sad truth is, too many crane owners and operators just do not have them inspected frequently or thoroughly enough, leading to tower crane accidents. Or, because a crane is only as strong as its weakest link, an inspector may have missed a small yet important piece, leading to disaster. Often enough, an accident just is not your fault, and there is no reason why a catastrophic event has to lead to further legal ruin. We just may be the legal experts to prove your case, no matter what your position was during misfortune.

We provide a totally comprehensive case analysis to tower crane accidents:

  • Making the case: As much as any legal aspects may serve to increase stress and anxiety in your life, it is also a wide opportunity to posit your point of view and constructively reach some kind of resolution. From moderate property damage to loss of life, we have been in the industry for many years and completely fathom what is involved.
    • We have intimate experience with a variety of standardized crane equipment guidelines, helping us deal wit tower crane accidents, including with Crane Institute Certification (CIC) the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Crane Inspection & Service Bureau (CISB). We work hard to go above and beyond what is required.
    • When you hire us as your expert witness, we do not waste time in getting down right to the heart of the matter. We give you leading testimony in legal matters and give you a long list of services, including reconstruction of the accident, interviews with key witnesses, review of reports, pictures, and depositions.
  • Magnaflux testing: Our process of providing expert evidence in tower crane accidents goes unmatched by others in the industry in part because we pull out all the stops, including Magnaflux testing. This is a scientifically rigorous process that paints a very clear picture of just what happened, testing in a non-destructive manner large metallic objects and how structurally sound they are both on and below the surface. It has proven extremely valuable in post-accidental analysis.

If you find yourself in the difficult (to say the least) position of needing to convincingly state your case, we are the master technicians who want to provide you with the necessary tools. We make the difference in your case.

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